Designer of the Week - Becca's Boutique Bows

This week get to know Sarah of Becca's Boutique Bows. She lives in Washington with her family.


JM: What kinds of things do you make to sell?

Sarah: I make girls hair accessories, mainly bows. I like to dabble in jewelry stuff too, but my girls usually claim most of those before they ever make it to ebay.

JM: Where do you sell your designs?

Sarah: I sell on ebay, etsy, and my own website

JM: When did the crafting bug first hit you?

Sarah: I've always been crafty, I remember sewing clothes for my barbies when I was about 8, and I've never stopped! I think I've tried most everything.

JM: What inspired your business name?

Sarah: My second daughter is named Rebecca, and Becca's Boutique Bows just flowed!

JM: If you could learn some new skills, what would they be?

Sarah: I'd love to learn glass crafts, but am a little intimidated by them. Lampwork, dichroic glass, etc all fascinates me! I'd love to try my hand at pottery, but I don't know what I'd do with so many lopsided pots :)

JM: What do you enjoy doing when away from crafting?

Sarah: Does that ever happen? If I have free time, I love to be making something. I do love to take my baby son for long walks and jogs in the stroller. It's so nice to have some time almost to myself to reflect and do something good for myself.

JM: Anything else you would like to add?

Sarah: I love what I do! My husband starts to think I'm crazy, but I love to make things. And if someone is willing to pay me to do what I love, that makes it the best job in the world. Aside from being mommy, of course :)

To find out what item's Sarah has for sale, visit her JM Profile page.

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