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This week get to know Beverly of Faye Malone Designs She lives in Kinsman, Ohio with her husband. She has two children, Bethany 27, and Rebeca 25 and 2 grandchildren, Isobel, 5 and Gretchen almost 3.

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JM: When did you get started sewing and creating?

BEVERLY: I actually started sewing when I was 4, my mom was making a red lace evening dress and she showed me how to fashion the scraps into a "dress" for my doll. I painstakingly cut around the rose motifs & overlapped them so the seams wouldn't show. It wasn't pretty, but it was all mine. She was a total perfectionist and taught me how to sew zippers in by hand so they would hardly show from the outside, how to self bind neck and armhole seams, about lining, underlining, how and when to add touches of handstitched embroidery, beading or embellishments to make a garment special. "The inside should always be a nice as the outside, even if only you will know the difference" was one of her mottos.

JM: When did you start selling your designs on eBay?

BEVERLY:I started selling my designs on eBay just under a year ago, and I've started selling on Etsy under the same name Faye Malone Designs. I have a web site in the works, and another e-commerce site where I will be selling will be online soon.

Before eBay, I studied fashion and costume design in college, worked with a clothing manafacturer running their retail operations and in their design studio, worked in retail for 2 different upscale Southern Calif. Department Stores as a clothing buyer, corporate training director, and lastly as General Store Manager.

Now my husband and I have our own business Kinsman Tile, where we design and install custom tile installations. You can see the ceramic tile "rugs" I design at

JM: Do you remember the first outfit you sold on eBay?

BEVERLY: I sold the first 3 outfits for a Free Custom Models Designer's Duet launch last year. I was so happy that I sold my very first listings!! I don't remember the exact prices but they were in the $60-90 range.

JM: How did come up with your name?

BEVERLY: It's my Mom's first and middle name, Faye Malone, and my middle name is also Faye, so it was in honor of all she taught me.

JM: Do you belong to any boutique group?

BEVERLY:I'm a member of Adagio Bleu Studios. , and was invited to join. They are a fantastic group of talented, accomplished, inspiring, caring, supporting group of woman. What's not to love about them? Besides they are hysterically funny too!!!

JM: Do you have a favorite item to create?

BEVERLY:I really love creating OOAK outfits for girls. I pour myself into each one adding special touches, beading, hand applique, decorative machine stitches, ribbons, yo-yos and buttons and it's hard for me to want to duplicate them. I want each one to be different. Each little girl is different, so why not their clothing?

JM: If you could learn some new skills, what would they be?

BEVERLY: Machine embroidery. I'm embarrassed to say I bought a machine almost 2 years ago and haven't turned it on yet! I did load the program into my computor, and I've bought thread and stabilizer, so that's a start!

JM: If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

BEVERLY: I am a U.S. History lover, and would love to take a paddlewheel steamer up and down the Mississippi stopping at the Plantations along the way. My GGGrandfather was a Major in the Civil War and I remember many stories my family past down over the years, so that era is of interest to me. Also the castles of Ireland, Scotland and England would be another place I would like to visit.

JM: What other things do you enjoy besides sewing?

BEVERLY:Reading anything I can get my hands on, traveling, ancestry research, visiting my grandchildren.

JM: Anything else you would like to add?

BEVERLY: I want to thank you for the honor of being interviewed. It is amazing to me how the internet has brought to light all the talented designers there are, and has given so many women the chance to start their own businesses and earn money, so that they can stay at home raising their children if they choose. We should all do our part in supporting each other's entrepreneurial efforts.

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| Thursday, June 5, 2008 3:35 AM | flag
visit if you are interested email and I will send you the event details

Emily | Tuesday, September 4, 2007 11:29 PM | flag
Beverly has such original, fun designs. I'm always amazed at how unique each design is. I've been honored to work with her, and I'm so excited to see her featured here on JM :)

| Tuesday, September 4, 2007 5:43 PM | flag
Beverly is truly an amazing designer! She is talented with a capital T!! (and one of the funniest & nicest gals around too!) :)

| Tuesday, September 4, 2007 8:19 AM | flag
Wonderful Designer! Her clothing is simply stunning!!!!

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