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Name: Schana

Where do you live: Everett Washington (Just north of Seattle)

How old are you? 30 this year.

Do you have any children, if so what ages? My son Riley is 11 and my daughter (and model) Alexis is 2

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1. When did you get started sewing and creating? Who taught you?

My mom and grandmother have always sewn so I have done a little here and there since I was really young. I took Home Ec. in junior high but did not really get serious about sewing until I took a fashion class in high school.

2. When did you start selling your designs on eBay? Do you sell anywhere else besides eBay, if so where? (example, web site, local boutique) What did you do before eBay?

I am really new to the boutique world of Ebay. I just start selling in May. (2005) I sell locally but just to private individuals at the moment. Before I started selling on Ebay I was going to school studying medicine and worked at a cancer research center as a specimen processor in a lab.

2a. Do you remember the first outfit you sold on eBay. Do you have a picture? What was it and what did it sell for?

My first set was a polka dot pleated twirl skirt made from MM fabric with a halter top and matching bag and headband. It actually did not reach my reserve but I was contacted after the auction ended and sold it for $55. I was pretty happy! Things have just sort of flowed nicely since then.

3. How did you decide upon your name .

Lexibean was a nickname that I had called my daughter Alexis and since she was my biggest inspiration I figured I would create a name after her.

4. Do you belong to any boutique group and if so which one? How did you get started in that group? What do you like most about your particular group?

I belong to the greatest group EVER! Boutique WISH. I don't think there could be a more amazing group of women to work with. Not only are they talented but they are completely supportive, everyone always works so well together, they are an amazing bunch. I was fortunate enough to get discovered by them on my very first listing and it has been a wonderful experience every since. I am very fortunate they took a chance on me.

5. What is your favorite thing to create? (example: vintage style dresses, totes, overalls, etc) Why?

I love creating things that have a vintage flare to them. I think little girls look so adorable in that particular style. They grow up so fast and before long they will want to look like little adults, so I try to create things that not only keep them looking sweet and incident, as they are, as long as possible as well as being very versatile. I like to get a little more modern as well, sort of funky sometimes. I hope to cover a larger variety of areas as well, someday, branch out and do things for the little guys.

6. What are your favorite types of fabrics or fabric designers? Why?

I love fabric, period, but I do love things that have a vintage feel to them. I know I need to broaden my horizon. LOL I love many styles though - Michael Miller, Robin Padolph, Kaufman, Moda, Amy Butler, to name a few have some great fabrics. I just love fabric. LOL

7. Where and when do you do most of your sewing? Are you neat about it or do you have fabric covering the floor!

I have my own room to work in. It was the dining room but never got used and I was tired of moving my stuff around so I took it over and now it sort of doubles as a playroom as well. I do almost all my sewing after 8pm. I sneak in time here and there when Alexis is eating or napping but she does not like my attention strayed from her for to long while she is awake. I am a crazy sewer - thread, material, ribbon... flies everywhere. It will usually stay that way until I finish a project and then I clean it all up. Never seems to stay THAT way though. LOL

8. What other things do you enjoy besides sewing?

I love hanging out with my family. Going to the beach, the zoo, camping?we love to be out doors. I also enjoy reading occasionally when I can find the time. I use to LOVE to dance, but the last few years it has really been hard to find the time for it. Hopefully the chaos will settle and I can take it up again.

9.Anything else you would like to add?

I would just like to say how thankful I am to have such wonderful support in what I do. I am so lucky to be part of an AMAZING group such as Boutique WISH, to have a wonderful family who as been so patient through this whole process of starting up and to Journal Modiste for the acknowledgement and helping us do what we do. And especially to all those who have bought from me and will buy from me in the future, you make what we do possible and I am forever grateful to be given the opportunity to create. Thank you!!

Ok now I need to go and write a new Oscar acceptance speech. LOL

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