Designer of the Week - Snails & Tails Boutique

This week get to know Kellie of Snails & Tails Boutique. She lives in Church Point, LA with her husband and 2 boys. Ryan is 12 and Ian turned 2 on the 6th of Dec.


JM: What inspired your business name?

Kellie: The nursery rhyme about little boys; Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails, That's what little boys are made of. Since I make mostly boys customs, I thought that poem was fitting, but I couldn't use the whole poem. That's how Snails and Tails Boutique came to be.

JM: What kinds of things do you make to sell?

Kellie: I make boys custom boutique clothing, now, but I made quilts before I started doing customs. I love making frayed, punked out styles that are all boy, but I also like to make the occasional sweet and innocent set. I love doing custom orders, sibling sets, and even the occasional girls set. I really prefer not to make the same set over and over so I like to offer things only once or twice as a general rule.

JM: Where do you sell your designs?

Kellie: Mostly on ebay, but after the holidays I will be selling more on etsy and winkelf and hope to have my own website soon. I do have some local customers and a few that contact me to do customs for them so I stay pretty busy.

JM: When did the crafting bug first hit you?

Kellie: I have always loved being creative. Even as a young child, I was always doing something crafty. I started learning to sew at age 12. My best friend and I made our own pattern for a stuffed friend bear. We made 2 of them and I still have it packed away somewhere. From there, I tried making my own clothes, but then I lost interest until I got married at 19. Since then, I have done some kind of sewing, either clothing, crafts, or quilts. I would have to say that designing and creating for boys is my favorite ,by far. I LOVE what I do.

JM: If you could learn some new skills, what would they be?

Kellie: I would love to learn to make matching shoes, but I'm afraid I'm not much of a painter. Crochet is another skill I would love to learn. There are some adorabe matching crochet hats out there. I would also love to learn to speak French. Both of my parents speak French, but never taught us. It is part of my culture and it's being lost.

JM: What do you enjoy doing when away from crafting?

Kellie: Reading, when I have time, and doing things with my husband of 17 years and our 2 awesome boys. I love to take my kids to the park or the zoo, things like that. I also enjoyed homeschooling my older son, Ryan, but he wanted to go to school this year. I hope to homeschool Ian for the first few years, too.

JM: Anything else you would like to add?

Kellie: Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to share a little about myself. I truely LOVE what I do. I can't imagine a better job than one that lets me play and be creative while staying home with my children.

To find out what item's Kellie has for sale, visit her JM Profile page.

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