Designer of the Week - Suzie Q's Bows

This week get to know Julie Russell of Suzie Q's Bows.

She lives in Corbin, KY with her husband Jarod, 7 yrs old and in 1st grade....Bethany 3-1/2 yrs old and still at home with Mommy.

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JM: Julie, when did your interest in bow-making start?

JULIE: When I was pregnant with my daughter, I began searching for those perfect lil' girl outfits and bows. Boutique prices were so high and I thought..."I could do that!" So I began making bows for my 'baby girl to be'.

JM: How did you learn?

JULIE:I basically learned by trial and error. I like classic, clean lines/loops for my bows, so I would just sit and fold, fold, fold until I got the look I wanted. Once I figured that part I went! Bow-making is harder than most people think. It takes a lot of patience and practice.

JM: When did you start selling your designs on eBay and do you sell anywhere else besides eBay?

JULIE:I began selling my bows on ebay in the fall of 2002. My first bow (it was an infant's marabou headband bow) sold for around $5. I also sell to two local boutiques and have sold to other ebayers across the country that have children's stores.

JM: Do you remember the first item you sold on eBay?

JULIE: The very first item I ever sold on ebay was a plush bumble bee costume of my son's. I believe it sold for around $11-$12.

JM: Where did come up with your name?

JULIE:This is a fun one to answer. While growing up, I had three sisters and a brother. (With 4 girls, my parents got creative with cute nicknames.) My sisters and I were often called "Suzie Q". As well as being a family name, "Sue/Susan" was definitely something I wanted to use for my daughter as well, so we named her Bethany Susanne. It didn't take long before I began calling her "Suzie Q" and it just seemed like the perfect fit for my bow-biz too! :-)

JM: Do you belong to any boutique group?

JULIE: I actually belong to two designing groups. The first, my primary group, is DDCW (Delightful Designs by Christian Women). Our group leader, Beth (psbb*designs) found me thru an ebay discussion board and invited me to join almost two years ago. The ladies in DDCW are so talented and have become my best friends! We have so much in common and support each other everyday! My secondary group is The Bowfairies. Linda (ribbon_rock*star) invited me to join a year ago and I am loving it! Of course, it is an 'all-bowmaker' group so we also have tons in common. The ladies are fabulously talented and great friends to boot!

JM: What are your favorite materials to work with?

JULIE: Grosgrain polka dots and preppy stripes! YUM!

JM: If you could learn some new skills, what would they be?

JULIE: Outside of always improving my bowmaking skills, I would love to learn how to sew clothing. I do sew minimally, but would love to learn to make entire outfiits from scratch for my daughter.

JM: Can you tell us about your first job? How much did you earn?

JULIE: I was 16 when I got my first summer job at Captain D's (a seafood restaurant) and I earned a whopping $4.25 an hour. LOL My most embarrassing moment was when I was carrying a large bucket of ice to the front counter.....there were at least 10 customers to witness this....and I slipped and fell right on my back-side! Ice went flying all over the place and customers and employees came running to help me up. Of course, only my pride was hurt. ;-)

JM: What other things do you enjoy besides making great bows?

JULIE: I enjoy spending time with my kiddos and husband, going to church and volunteering at my son's school. I love doing my flower gardens in the spring and summer and recently became addicted to digital scrapbooking too!

JM: Anything else you would like to add?

JULIE: I would just like to thank Amy for this opportunity. Journal Modiste is a wonderful site with loads of helpful information and opportunities for designers and buyers! Keep up the fabulous work and may God bless you!

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| Thursday, February 23, 2006 2:43 PM | flag
Wonderful Interview! Julie rocks! I love her style--she is a very stable person! :)

| Tuesday, February 21, 2006 3:23 PM | flag
Great interview! We looooove looking at Julie's new listings! :)

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