Designer of the Week - Yelli Kelli

This week get to know Kelly of Yelli Kelli. She lives in Alabama and has a "beautiful and talented daughter."


JM: What inspired your business name?

Kelly: My business name has always been Kelly Jackson Art, but I wanted something cuter "for my internet business. I say I chose Yelli Kelli" because I use a lot of yellow in my artwork, but my family says it's because I YELL alot! LOL So, I'm just going with... "HEY! That's Cute!" as what people say when they see my designs. I also like stuff that rhymes.

JM: What kinds of things do you make to sell?

Kelly: I have been designing "over the top" cute stuff for ladies & kids for over twenty five years. I began making handknit sweaters decorated with my hand painted artwork. I sold these for about ten years through my showroom in the Atlanta Apparel Mart. When my daughter was born, I decided to make things I could do at home with her, so I began putting my original artwork on everything I could think of. Today I paint my original illustrations on canvases, pillows, bookmarks, floorcloths, wall hangings, and also on my original handmade clothing for kids & ladies. I love cute, & love to wear it as much as my daughter, so I also make fun boutique comy wear for big girls too. I specialize in custom work for clothing and decorative art. Locally, I am the "go to" person for a last minute gift with personalized specialness. My fun, funky portraits are one of my most popular items! My signature slogan is... "You Can't Be Serious!"

JM: Where do you sell your designs?

Kelly: I have been selling through upscale boutiques ever since I started my business back in the mid 80's. In my home town, I have a retail store, located in a 100 year old Victorian house. Here, my mom, daughter & I sell our eclectic handmade furnishings & boutique clothing and art. Last summer I opened a shop on Etsy and I have just started to sell on Ebay. I hope to be able to gain some feedback soon! Also, I have joined "LolliShops" and just opened my shop there. I sell under "YelliKelli" & "Kelly Jackson Art" at Lollishops. I hope to expand my custom business to the world wide web. Check out my sites, I welcome your comments.

JM: When did the crafting bug first hit you?

Kelly: I have always been making something. When I was little, I stayed with my grandmother quite a bit. She didn't have cable, or much entertainment for that matter. But, she did teach me to sew, crochet, etc. If I wanted something to play with, she told me to make it! When I was in college,(fashion design major) All I ever wanted to do was to make stuff & draw all of the time. I used to make a simple outfit each night to wear to school the next day. Today, I teach a class for girls from my daughters school, where we get together & "make stuff".I call it "Diva Do's". I want them to appreciate the simple joys of making things using classic old fashioned techniques with funky new styled twists. My daughter has been "making stuff" since she was about four. Today, she has her own Etsy site, and she is only in the sixth grade! I am most happy with a bolt of new fabric or some fresh new art supplies to play with. Since most of my childhood was spent using my imagination for play, I guess I've been desiging all my life!

JM: If you could learn some new skills, what would they be?

Kelly: Well, since I couldn't set up my website until my daughter learned how in school, I guess I would improve my tech skills. I tend to do best with low tech techniques. I am a true artist in that I am not very organized. I guess that would be an area to work on.

JM: What do you enjoy doing when away from crafting?

Kelly: When would that be? WE'RE ALWAYS CRAFTING!!! Sorry, I told you I yell alot! Seriously, when not crafting, I enjoy watching my daughter perform in theatre, or we play with our Shih Tzu. I love to read dusty old hardback books I've found in the discard pile at thrift stores.

JM: Anything else you would like to add?

Kelly: Well, I have been waiting for several years to join JM! Now that I have, I'm sooo excited about being a part of something I've only watched from afar for so long! I feel honored to be here. JM is one of my most FAV sites! Thanks

To find out what item's Kelly has for sale, visit her JM Profile page.

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Katie | Monday, December 22, 2008 11:15 PM | flag
Love your paintings!

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