Get to know Cecilia of Craftsbury Kids

I love this website! Dedicated to handmade items, Craftsbury kids is a treasure trove of unique and artistic items for baby and mom. You can find her site at

Cecilia, owner and mother of three children, started the site in the Spring of 2004. She has stocked it with timeless toys, quality clothes and fun products all made by hand or a small company. You won't find mass produced items here.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing her. She is the sweetest lady.

JM: When did Craftsbury Kids start and why?

CECILIA:The concept for Craftsbury Kids started many years ago, in the form of pages and pages of notes scribbled into my notebook of business ideas. The actual website was conceived in the Spring of 2004. I had taken a few years hiatus from the world of entrepreneurship when I decided to go back to school in 2001. Prior to that I ran my own mail order/internet business specializing in organic and natural products for children. I had launched that business in 1994, shortly after my first child was born. Closing the business seven years later was sad, but necessary I think at that point in my life. My plan was to start a new business after I completed my undergraduate degree at Mount Holyoke College. However I just couldn't wait and the role of business owner joined that of student, until I was to receive my degree in the Spring of 2006.

Now that I've graduated from college I am able to dedicate myself full force to the business that stemmed from my desire to be at home with my son. I began my first business to be at home with him all those years ago, and Craftsbury Kids for the same reason, except this time as a mother of three.

I don't think I would have started my own business if I didn't have a strong desire to create. My need to have lots of projects going, and my pleasure in seeing an entity I created myself take shape, and succeed was also a motivating factor in starting Craftsbury Kids.

JM: When did your love of handmade items start?

CECILIA:I was exposed to the arts early in life, primarly writing. At the age of six, I was enrolled by my mother in a fabulous children's poetry workshop at the St. Mark's Church in Manhattan, NY. I took part in the workshop until I was ten. I believe this, along with strong encouragement by my parents to write, and create art at home, was the foundation for my appreciation of handmade items.

As a high school student I majored in art, and in my senior year, had the opportunity to work as an apprentice to sculptor Greg Wyatt at St. John the Divine Cathedral. These years that I spent immersed in art helped strengthen my connection with the handmade, and of course gave me the incentive to continue to create my own works.

JM: How do you choose the designers that appear on your site?

CECILIA:I ask myself if an item is something I would use for my own child, and whether my customers would like it. It is important that Craftsbury Kids offerings somehow imbue a sense of fun, play, imagination and wonder, allowing children to be children. This time is so short, and there will be plenty of years ahead for grown-up things.

JM: What are your plans for Craftsbury Kids?

CECILIA:I will work on expanding our affiliate program, both by continuing to recruit new affiliates, and developing new ways in which to help them market our product line successfully. I also plan to introduce a holiday mail-order catalog, possibly including inserts from complimentary businesses. I would like to start a blog at some point, featuring both Craftsbury Kids and other interesting items I come across. I also have dreams of someday writing a book related to the philosophy behind Craftsbury Kids.

Do you have a make product that would be a good fit at Craftsbury Kids? Cecilia welcomes all Journal Modiste designers to contact her if you do. Told ya she was nice!

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Kaleeko | Friday, June 11, 2010 8:17 AM | flag
very nice handmade products I wish I was this creative.

| Sunday, July 9, 2006 9:38 AM | flag
Thanks Beth & Cori!

Cori la*boutique*elite | Friday, June 23, 2006 5:56 PM | flag
It was wonderful reading more about you Cecilia. Thank you so much for the interview!

Beth (*myroomdesigns*) | Thursday, June 22, 2006 10:49 AM | flag
Cecilia, what a beautiful site! I love your eye for color and design, and your appreciation of handcrafted kids' products. What an interesting feature. :)

Cecilia of Craftsbury Kids | Thursday, June 22, 2006 6:50 AM | flag
Thanks Heather. It was fun! Cecilia

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