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This week get to know Angela of Ollie Girl!. She lives in Southern California in the little town of Fallbrook located in North San Diego County with 3 children Kristina 14, Susannah 11 and MIchael 9. "And I have a wonderful husband, Mike, who is much like a kid himself!"

See her current eBay auctions: Ollie Girl!

JM: When did you get started sewing and creating?

ANGELA: Since as long as I can remember. I have always enjoyed creating things. I would sit on the floor next to my mother's sewing table while she was at work and pick up any remnants that fell to the floor to make my own creations. My wonderful patient mother taught me to sew.

JM: When did you start selling your designs on eBay?

ANGELA: I started selling my creations on ebay in February of 2006. I started out with mainly custom girls clothing, but I am branching out into painted decor and unique novel boutique gifts as well. I have been sewing clothing since I became pregnant with my firstborn daughter who is now 14.

I sell my designs on my brand new website designed by a talented dear friend of mine Emily, of vera*lana, as well as Etsy.

JM: What did you do before eBay?

ANGELA:Before I sold my creations on ebay, I sold my hand painted art (remember tole painting?) at local boutiques and sewed for my 2 daughters boutique styled clothing. Even though they are past the boutique stage of their childhood, I still want to be able to design for young girls. Ollie Girl! allows me to do this :0)

JM: Do you remember the first outfit you sold on eBay?

ANGELA: My first item that I sold on ebay was a blue and yellow toile sundress set. I was so excited watching my auction on a minute by minute basis. I think I sold my first creation for about $42.00 I decided to honor Ollie Girl's first Birthday Anniversary with a set done in the same fabrics in a guest launch with the Yayas.

JM: How did come up with your name, Ollie Girl!?

ANGELA:Deciding my name was easy. I had a very motivating friend who lived across the street from me. Her little girl "Olivia" or "Ollie Girl" as we would call her, would always shout from across the street, " Hi Miss Angela!". She was just so cute ... and I lust adored her nickname! Her Mom, was instrumental in motivating me to start selling my creations...hence....Ollie Girl!

JM: Do you belong to any boutique group?

ANGELA: I am currently groupless. I will be guesting with quite a few groups in the near future, but I am am being patient about joining one. I want to make sure it's a good fit for me and my business

JM: Do you have a favorite item to create?

ANGELA: I find I love making sundresses in feminine traditional styles. I enjoy the satisfaction I get from creating something that is "mine" ... designing and sewing my ideas into existence I find very exhilarating.

JM: If you could learn some new skills, what would they be?

ANGELA: There are so many things I would love to learn! I really would like to learn to smock. A friend back east told me how popular it is there, and she got me all pumped up! Yes, I really want to learn to smock. I think since I love traditional and timeless styles that smocking would be another way for me to express my creativity in my own style.

JM: If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

ANGELA:It may sound crazy, but my dream vacation is only a little north of where I live in the little town of Carpinteria. It's a little beach town, and since we are a surfing family, we enjoy going there and just relaxing.

JM: What other things do you enjoy besides sewing?

ANGELA:I enjoy spending time with my family. I enjoy going on "dates" with my husband. I also love it when my 2 daughters and I have a "girls day out" which consists of going out for lunch and shopping our favorite stores.

JM: Anything else you would like to add?

ANGELA:I would like thank JM for the opportunity to share a little about Ollie Girl! and myself. Thank you for the honor! I would also like to invite all of you to visit and shop my new website . During our grand opening we will be having a "model search" and some fun activities. Please watch the site for details are to come!

Do you have a question that you are dying to ask Angela? Comment about something she said or designed? Post it here and she will answer it!

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Johnett | Wednesday, April 4, 2007 8:34 PM | flag
Angela love the interview:) Love your designs and the website looks great Congrats on the feature Hugs Johnett

Karen | Friday, March 30, 2007 11:14 AM | flag
My little Rosy has a few of Angela's fabulous sets. She has a knack for incredible quality and unique desings. Rosy just loves her Ollie Girl designs. XOXO Karen & Rosy

| Friday, March 30, 2007 9:54 AM | flag
Thanks girls for all the kind words! What an honor it has been to share with all of you! :0) Hugz~ Angela

| Thursday, March 29, 2007 8:35 PM | flag
Angela great interview ! I love your website and designs. My mom used to do toll painting too!! Natalie

Tammy | Thursday, March 29, 2007 6:35 AM | flag
Angela is the sweetest and her creations are beautiful. She designed a special dress for our vacation to the magical place.

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