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This week get to know Jeramie of Ritchie*Rags. She lives in Andover, Kansas wonderful kids! Two boys and two girls ages 13 to 2.

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JM: Jeramie, when did you get started sewing and creating?

JERAMIE: My grandmother taught me to sew when I was a little girl. She was and is an AMAZING seamstress. She has made more Christening Gowns and formal gowns than I care to think about! I made fun stuff for myself off and on throught my childhood and college years. With the birth of my first son, I had a renewed interest in creating clothing. I made a few things for him and for the next two children. Then with the birth of my fourth child, I really developed the desire to create a line of clothing... and Ritchie Rags was born!

JM: When did you start selling your designs on eBay and do you sell anywhere else besides eBay?

JERAMIE: I sold my first design on ebay just before the birth of my fourth child in the summer of 2004. I sell strictly on ebay for the moment, though I do plan on opening a website in the future.

JM: Do you remember the first outfit you sold on eBay?

JERAMIE:I have no pictures of the very first outfits sold. They were simple onsie style dresses with full attached skirts. I took a break for 6 months after Sam's birth and then started listing again.....and have been listing ever since! I love it

JM: How did come up with your name, Ritchie*Rags?

JERAMIE:Ritchie is my last name....and I thought Ritchie Rags sounded very cute..... and since Ritchie sounds like a play on Rich it was clever.

JM: Do you belong to any boutique group?

JERAMIE:I am a member of SilverMoon. We are a new group in the vast ebay design community. We have known each other for a while. We are very laid back. We keep it simple.. majority rules and all of us are owners. I definately like that! I am also a member of the launch group Sidekicks. We put out a launch every few months and work with a different designer every time. It is lots of fun! I also love to guest with other gals. I am pretty outgoing and enjoy the opportunity to get to know other designers!

JM: Do you have a favorite item to create?

JERAMIE:Oh my! That is just too hard!!!!!! My whims change regularly! I currently very much enjoy making really full dresses that can be paired up with pants. I have always loved twirl skirts and recently got into making funky zuma style pants. Those offer a really fun look that is easy to play in! I love to use beautiful high quality cotton....and most of my prints lean toward the romantic look... but I also love zany bright euro prints! I have a very eclectic style...that keeps it fun....and you never know what will emerge!

JM: If you could learn some new skills, what would they be?

JERAMIE: I have always wanted to learn to knit. Geesh....I just can't seem to get the hang of it! I have never hand-smocked anything either..and that would be beautiful for an hierloom dress!

JM: What was your first job?

JERAMIE:Well, do you mean as a teenager..if so...I cleaned my mother's real estate offices. I do not remember what I was paid for that...but it was enough for me! LOL. Now, if you mean "in the real world" after college. I worked as a real estate assistant. Actually, I graduated from college with a degree in Germanic Languages and Literature, and then went on to grad school, so I was working as an assistant while attending school. My first child was born just a few years later and my husband and I decided that me staying home with our kids was the best decision for our family.

JM: What other things do you enjoy besides sewing?

JERAMIE: Naturally I must say being a mother is the most rewarding thing on earth! Nothing else compares to that. Other hobbies I have are gardening, jogging and volunteering at my kids school.

JM: Anything else you would like to add?

JERAMIE: Thanks sooooo much for giving me the opportunity to be spotlighted! I am very flattered! And a big thank you to all my customers ...they have made this venture sooooooo fun and worthwhile!

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Dawn (bug*a*boutique) | Tuesday, September 26, 2006 7:23 PM | flag
Hey Jeramie, I love your awesome designs and creative photo's!! From a big fan :)

Sara- crabby*g | Monday, September 25, 2006 8:04 AM | flag
Another huge Ritchie*Rags fan here! And I agree on Jeramie being totally sweet and wonderful!! Congrats on being totally deserve it! :)

Emily | Saturday, September 23, 2006 9:19 PM | flag
Ahhh LOVE LOVE LOVE everything you do Jeramie :) Sam could NOT be a cuter kid! I just wanna *squiiiiishhhh* her!!! Oh and of course you are the sweetest gal too :)

Jeramie | Saturday, September 23, 2006 2:56 PM | flag
Thanks so much Amy and Johnett!!!

Johnett Sunshine*kisses | Saturday, September 23, 2006 7:37 AM | flag
Jeramie great interview love your designs:)

Amy ~ our2peasinapod | Saturday, September 23, 2006 6:49 AM | flag
I Love Jeramie's Designs!!! She is Such a Wonderful person as well!!! :) Amy

Jeramie | Friday, September 22, 2006 5:32 AM | flag
Thanks so much Cheryl!!! That always makes my day!

Cheryl | Thursday, September 21, 2006 6:26 PM | flag
Your work is just amazing. You have a new fan!

Jeramie | Thursday, September 21, 2006 9:58 AM | flag
Thanks guys!!!!!! You all are the best! Friends I have made like you make this soooooo much fun!!

Angie ~ pretty*me | Thursday, September 21, 2006 7:27 AM | flag
Jeramie... your designs are always so original and amazing. And Sammy is just the sweetest model ever. :) So fun to learn more about you!!

ash/In.Full.Bloom | Thursday, September 21, 2006 5:45 AM | flag
Jeramie- You ROCK girl! What an awesome interview!!

andrea/fleur*lenfant | Thursday, September 21, 2006 5:32 AM | flag
Jeramie, Each one of your designs is always so original and beautiful. I love them all. You are so talented and the sweetest person! Fun to read more about you :)

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