Who we are...

My name is Amy Shearer and have been married for a little over 13 years to Brian. I have 5 daughters and one boy! You can keep up with our adventures at www.alittlebusy.com .

My husband Brian, designs and programs this site. Almost every night after the kids go to bed you will find him on the couch, laptop open, solving problems or working on the huge list I have for him!

After selling outfits for sometime, I realized that this was a vastly untapped and unknown market to many buyers on ebay. Journal Modiste was born! I created JM to help designers get noticed and help buyers discover the unique world of handmade outfits.

Journal Modiste has grown much more quickly than I thought it would! It is fun to read about the designers and check out the latest accessories and know I am supporting Moms, Dads, and Grandmas by buying their designs.

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