Getting Started on eBay

Bid, Buy or Sell on eBay!

eBay has made it really easy to register an account with them. Just follow these steps and you will soon be doing it the eBay way!

You will need to register on eBay before placing a bid.

1. Click here to Register. Select Register from the top menu. Fill in all the information. Read and accept the User Agreement and click continue.

2. Choose a user id:

Now you must choose a User ID. A user id is your unique eBay name. Choose a name that reflects you or your interests or hobbies, like "I*grow*tomatoes" or "1HotMama". Your first choice will most likely be taken (due to the 3 million ebayers) so be flexible and come up with a list. This is probably the most frustrating part of the sign-up.

Your user id must contain letters or numbers and be more than two characters long. You can't have your email address as your user id nor any profanity (believe me people have tried). You can't have a big corporations name in your user id like "Starbucks4me" or "I*Spend*Too*Much*Money*At*Target*Sales". Likewise you can't use the word eBay in your user id.

Please remember you can only choose a new name every 30 days so choose wisely. Once your id is chosen a "new" icon will appear beside it. This just tells other eBayers you are new and will disappear after 30 days.

3. Choose a password. You will use this and your user id when signing into ebay and placing bids.

4. If you entered a free email account such as hotmail, yahoo, msn, etc, eBay will ask for a credit card. They need this to verify your identity and help keep fraud to a minimum. If you don't want eBay to have your credit card number than you will need to enter an email address from a company or an internet service provider you pay.

5. Check your email. eBay will send you a confirmation link. Click it to activate your account.

If you want more information about buying on eBay, to listen to audio tours and to place a practice bid (very cool!), go here:

Now you are done! Congrats and welcome to the wonderful world of eBay. Before you get started searching for the handmade outfits you see here, be sure to read Paying with Paypal. and Buying Guidelines


There are a few important security tips I would like to share with you. There are unscrupulous people on eBay that like to prey on newbies. They will send you an email that will look just like an email from eBay and say that your account has been suspended, your credit card has expired, etc. These are called Spoof emails. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK IN THOSE EMAILS! If you do, then they can get your login information and place bids on your behalf or sell fraudlent items for you. You will be stuck with the negative feedback and the bill.

Any emails from eBay will address you by your name or your user id. Fraud emails will begin Dear ebay user or something vague. If you every have any questions about whether an email is from eBay or is just a spoof forward the email to and eBay will look at it and determine if it is from them or not and email you back to let you know.


When buying, alway look a sellers feedback. Feedback is the rating other eBayers have given the seller based on their performance for the transaction. +1 point is given for each positive comment, 0 points if the transaction was neutral and -1 for a negative comment. Obviously the higher the percentage of positive feedbacks the more you can pretty much trust the seller. But use your common sense when bidding and ask the seller questions before bidding.

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