Funny Things Our Kids Say...

"One afternoon I wanted to go to shopping and asked my daughter who is 2 1/2 if she wanted to go with me or stay with her daddy and work. She said "I'll go with you, work scares me after lunch."

"One day my Hubby was lovingly teasing me as hubbies do and I replied "You are not a funny man, dear" Hearing this our son said "Of course your funny Dad, remember that time that I laughed!"

"When our now 21 year old daughter was 3, we lived near Cedar Rapids, Iowa. One day we had some shopping to do and told her we were "going to Cedar Rapids". We finished our errands and were almost back home when a tired little voice came from the back seat, "When are we going to see the rabbits?"

"Shortly before Christmas, my mom and I decided to take my kids and visit the nursing home where my grandfather lived for several years. We gave the kids candy canes to pass out to the residents, who got a major kick out of it! As we were leaving, we passed a nurse pushing a resident in a wheelchair down the hallway. Ian, who is 5, ran to the woman in the wheelchair and sweetly offered her a candy cane. The nurse, charmed, asked if she could have one too. Ian replied, "No. These are for the old people."
-- Maggie

"My son was celebrating his sixth birthday, and his teacher & classmates were counting the number of "spanks" he got for his age. They counted to six and then she said, "well, at least your only six and not 25" Then she asked him what was he going to do when he DID turn 25, he giggled, and said "drink beer!" Of course this was also at the class Christmas party in front of not only his classmates, but parents as well."

"While trying to gauge if our 2year old grand daughter would be willing to sit on Santa's lap this year, we prepared her by showing her pictures of Santa. We also kept asking her, "what does Santa say?" So imagine our surprise while coming out of a restaurant, and a "biker" guy with gray hair and a matching long beard was going in...Sian marches over to him and says, "hi Santa, ho ho ho..." After his immediate shock, he played along and made a very happy little 2 year old..."

"Was scheduled to do a Meet and Greet with some fellow Ebay boutique boardies. I asked 7 yr old Anna if she wanted to come, as others were also bringing kids...and she responded, "Will I have to wear stupid bows?" When told bows were optional, she agreed to attend."

"My oldest daughter is now 17 but when she was 18 months old she was talking but not clearly. One day it took me 30 minutes trying to figure out what she was wanting to eat. It came out Aut-Ya. Finally after 30 mins I said oatmeal and that was it, she was happy.

"When I was pregnant with my second daughter, I asked my oldest if she had anything she wanted to say to the baby. She said yes, looked down at my belly and said very emphatically, "Everything belongs to me!" She was two!"

"My daughter Saisunni is 4. We took her to see Pirates of the Caribbean and she loved it, so now she keeps asking if we can go see "Pirates of the Carrots and Beans" again. LOL!"

While trying to explain the "sickness" my seven yr old daughter was experiencing during a recent bout of the flu. I told her it was probably a virus and not food poisoning. She looked at me in awe and said,"People can get viruses too? I thought only computers did!"

"My 4 year old daughter was doing somersaults in our livingroom floor. I told her to be careful, she could crack her head open. She said "I want to crack my head open. Its full of candy."

"My little 4yo girl announced "I know how to tell the difference between girls and boys Mummy, do you". Uh oh....I said yes I do, tell me what you think. She said "Well, it's all in the eyelashes !!"

"My 6 year old learning to spell said "Mom, I know how to spell Jesus" then he spells it out "G O D"

My 14 year old was helping me clean my closet and drawers. She is such a help, and loves to organize! Her comment to me was "Nothing is life is easy if your panties drawer is in a twist" see, they can still be cute and clever as teens LOL"

"Last night the electricity went off in the house for a while. My son (5 next month) tells his sister (almost 2) "You can't watch Dora, Lana, the lightricity is off!"

"Now that I'm a mother of two I can really appreciate the funny things kids say. My own mother told me that when I was 3 I visited the dentist. He asked me, "What brings you here today young lady?" to which I quickly replied, "My mommy." Having children of your own can really bring out the kid in yourself. They never ceased to amaze me with their antics."

"My daughters favorite dish is plain noodles with butter and cheese. When she was four and waiting for the noodles to finish boiling she asked, "Are my noodles ripe yet?"

"When my son was 5, I took him with me to visit a long-time family friend who was in a nursing home. We got off the elevator and walked out into the hallway where many elderly folks sat around in their wheelchairs sleeping, or looking out windows. As we walked towards my friends room, my son says in a loud voice, "Mommy, why are all these dead people here?" I'm the one that wanted to die!"

"One Sunday morning, my husband and I took our four kids out to breakfast. My 5 yr old daughter Katie accidently spilled her glass of water all over my 2 year old son. He clamly stood up and said "Mom, you take me home. Me need more dryer clothes." :0)

"My husband wanted to teach my daughter about prayer. So when his truck broke down she and he would pray every night "Jesus please fix daddy's big truck". A few days later someone from our church said they would fix it for free if we brought it over that night, so we did. The next morning we walked into the garage and my daughter asks me "Where's daddy's big truck?" I answered "It's getting fixed", she replied "Oh at Jesus's house."

"My daughter started pre k this year. She tries to go "poopy" everyday before she goes to school. She said she doesn't want her teacher to have to wiper her butt. I said why? She told me that she doesn't want her teacher to know that she poops. I laughed and said everyone poops. She replied "yeah well just don't tell her that I do".

"After church, I went in and got 2 year old Gracie from her classroom. She saw one of her friends in the baby room. Her friend said that she was getting her baby sister. Gracie turns to me and said she wanted her baby and went over to one of the babies in the room and tried to pick it up. I said "no honey, we can't get one of these". Gracie was very upset and really wanted "her baby" and was pouting. I told my husband, Gracie really wants a baby. Then that week, we got a positive ept!"

"My son came up to me the other day and said, "Mommy, I love you as much as you're on the computer." and then, "Mommy, I love you as much as you love to sew" Now that kid sure loves me A LOT!!! hee hee."

"I was trying to dress my 2-year-old daughter, Alyssa, but she kept running off. I said, "Alyssa, come here so I can get you dressed or you're not going bye-bye!" She looks at me, pointing her finger and says, "No, I'm not gonna come over for get dressed. And there's nothing you can do about it." LOL!"

"Our youngest child Madison is somewhat of a picky eater, so I knew when she went off to kindergarten this year, I would be sending her a sack lunch everyday. Not knowing for sure how much a carton of milk would be, I sent her two quarters the first day so she would have enough to buy her milk. When I picked her up that day, we discussed what the class did, then I asked her how lunch went and if she bought her milk-she replied, yes Mommy, I bought two gallons-wow, wish I could purchase all our milk from the school. "

"When my older daughter Hannah was only 3, she drew a picture which she handed to me and said, "Here is a picture of you, mom." She paused for a moment then said, "...but if you turn it on its side, it is a loaf of bread… or a potato."

The other day my son Stephen who is 5 1/2 was watching my husband knock down a bees nest. And of course daddy was running like mad, lol. Stephen sad Those are bees? I thought they were A's..... I cracked up!! A few days prior to this we were on the subject of birth control, hahahaha. He looks at me and says "Mom, what's nerf control??" Lololol

"We have been getting ready for preschool, my son (4) was excited to go shopping for school clothes. We were riding in the car, and I asked him "Where should we go first?". He replied with,"How about dot com's?"

"Whenever my son was little anytime we would order pizza, as soon as the door bell would ring he would run through the house saying "the pizza's home"

"My little one, Zoe, age 4, loves to use the computer and can print her own printables from sites such as and fisher my mom had bought her a bible coloring book and zoe's friend was coming over to play and I thought I would copy some pages from the book so her friend and she could color the same pages. after they printed, Zoe got all excited, and said, "where did you get these from,"

"While out to lunch one day my 7 year old daughter ordered a grilled cheese sandwich, I then asked my 4 year old son what he would like for lunch he proceeded to tell me "I want a BOY cheese sandwich because Boy's don't eat GIRL cheese sandwiches"

"I used to watch my friend's little girl during the day while her mother was at work. I was selling a lot of my daughter's clothes at the time. When she came to pick Ariel up one afternoon, she told me a little story. Apparently, that morning my friend found her daughter laying her dress neatly on the floor and said to her, "You picked a very pretty outfit, but we're in a hurry and it's time to get dressed." Ariel, who was 3 at the time, looked at her and said "But Mommy, I'm not going to wear it. I'm just taking picutres for eBay!"

"When my son Devin was 8, we were at the mall. It was around Father's Day and I was looking for a shirt for my DH and my son was looking the mirror. I was ready to move on and told Devin to come on and he said "Hang on a minute, I'm still admiring myself." At least everyone around us got a really good laugh!"

"My son Jack just turned 5 and the other day I heard him say "Fe Fi Fo Fum, I smell like an Englishmen" ~ hmm, what exactly does an Englishmen smell like???"

"A close friend of mine never said the word "FAT" in front of her 4 year old son. One afternoon in Walmart they were walking down an aisle and saw a very large woman. They had to step out of the aisle to let her by. After the woman passed my friends son said, "Wow, that lady was wearing a really big dress."

"We've been teaching our 4 year old daughter about different types of ethnic backgrounds as well as a bit of geography lately. To help her, we've purchased several dolls in different ethnic backgrounds to add to her doll family. My sister was visiting one day and my daughter was proudly showing her the new dolls and said, "This is my Chinese Doll, she's from England".

"When my daughter Addie was 3, she and I went out to the garden to check to see if the tomatos were ready to be picked. I explained how they must be red in order to be picked because red meant that they were ripe. Later that day she looked at my acrylic nails and noticed that all were painted red, except on one finger where the nail had popped off. She grabbed my hand and said, "Oh, Mommy, don't worry, it's just not ripe yet!" --Dawn

"While pulling through a McDonalds to order a Happy Meal, the lady on the speaker asked, "is this for a boy or girl?" My husband said girl. Then he proceeded to order a burger. When we pulled around to the cashier, my daughter asked "Daddy, why did you say girl?" He said, "Well, they wanted to know what kind of toy to put in your happy meal, a girltoy or a boytoy." She leaned over to the cashier and said, "My Daddy is eating too, so can you give my Daddy a boytoy?"

"My 7 yr old Skylar, who calls Dr. Phil "Dr. Pill" because he has read it off the tv ;0). Once when he was 2 we took him into Blockbusters...we were in line (forever) with lots of other bored patrons. I am holding him on my hip with people packed in around us...and he asks me something about which I reply "Honey...we don't talk about boogers in the store..." (people snicker)"why not?" I reply "Because these nice people don't want to hear about them... they think it's yucky" He gets quite for a minute...pondering this little social lesson.... just when I think we are out of the woods he says very audibly...clear as you and I speak "What about boobies? Can we talk about boobies at the store????" (laughter this time). I leaned forward and told dad "We will just be waiting outside." LOL.

"My niece Jacy is 3 years old. She, my Mom, my 2 year old and I go everywhere together. Jacy who calls her Grammy, Mum use to argue with "Mum" over having to hold her hand when she got out of the car. One day my Mom, who uses a cane to walk asked Jacy to help her into the restaurant. Jacy held her hand like a little angel but on our way back out of the restaurant, in front of everyone waiting to be seated Jacy tells the door greeter, "I have to hold Mum's hand cause she don't know how to walk!"

"My family attends a small, Pentecostal Church here in our hometown. One Sunday my daughter, Ezrah who just turned 2 was playing with her magna-doodle while our new young preacher was preaching. He was on a roll when Ezrah, from the 5th pew shouts out "Wight!" (meaning right) and so our minster looks down at her and says "Right, Amen Sister!" and she looked back up at him without missing a beat and said, "Eee-Man!""

"At church one Sunday, my 2 year old was sitting next to me. During a prayer he said in his loudest voice, "Mommy why are you sleeping?".

"Today I was taking pictures of some new designs and I have a necklace I made. Savannah was modeling for me and I wanted to get a pic of just the necklace, I had the idea to take Savannah's shirt off so a shirt wouldn't get in the way of the necklace. Keep in mind I was just photographing the necklace on her neck. Anyway, I took her shirt off, put the necklace on and got my camera ready. Savannah finally realized what I was doing and she says in the loudest most surprised voice I've ever heard "MOMMY! YOU'RE GONNA TAKE A PICTURE OF ME WITH MY BOOBIES ON!?!?"

"A couple days ago my 3 year old son Kaden was looking at my Betty Crocker catalog and intently studying a grater/chopper gadget. After looking at it for awhile he looked up at me and said "That's a food sander" He's all boy, it's all about tools. One more, he's very interested now in the idea of growing up. Yesterday he said "Sometimes I grow slowly, like a flower."

"When my daughter was four yrs old I sat down with her and explained i would be babysitting a few children in our home so i didn't have to return to work. She looks me straight in the eye and says," But I was here first"

"As we were driving in our van my 4 yr. old son looked out the window and said, "Look! An eagle!" Then he said, "Caw! Caw! I think that's what eagles say. But I don't know. I don't know eagle language."

My sister has always been very frank with her children. One time, as she was in the bathroom taking care of necessaries, she overheard her daughter asking her son, "Where's Mom?" "Don't worry," Jessi, he said,"She's in the bathroom putting in a coupon."

"My 3 yr old daughter Katryn gets very excited when I sew her up a new outfit. One time when I brought her my latest creation totry on, she gasped and said "Oh it is so Prettyful!". Prettyful has to be one of my favourite made up words that she has ever created!"
--Paula B

"My three-year-old daughter has become intrigued with personal relationships - how we are all related, who is a friend, who is a cousin, etc. The other day she said "Mommy, you have a husband, and I have a husband, too." "Wow," I said. "What is your husband like? Is he handsome?" "Well, no," she sighed. "He isn't handsome, and he doesn't have a job, but that's okay. My Daddy IS handsome, and he DOES have a job." It worries me, a bit, thinking about when she might start dating and who her choices might be!"

"I was talking about heaven with my 2 daughters and the 6 yr old said what if God takes me before I turn 16...then I won't be able to drive...the 4 yr old said we won't need to drive in heaven because God will make us angels and we will fly instead of drive!"

"My daughter was just 2 when I brought her new brother home from the hospital. I was concerned how she would take to the new baby because she was always so quiet...I could never tell what she was thinking. At first she just watched when I cared for him, but soon she was copying me with her baby doll Tammy. One day when I was nursing the baby, however, she was just standing ...watching with a frown. I said, "Where's Tammy...why aren't you feeding her?" She looked down her shirt and replied, "Tammy ate my breasts all up!"

"My son Tyler was born in Miami, Florida and we moved to Michigan when he was one year old. Well, the other day we were explaining to him that he was born in "Miami," and he came back and asked "Where is 'YOUR-ami!'"

Rebecca Runs Away - PartI: "Rebecca was 3 when she informed me "I'm sick of you bossing me around." I told her that I was the grown-up and I was the boss. (this was brought on by the fact that I insisted on locking the door when we left the house! LOL, how bossy) She announced that she was running away to live in the woods. (We lived in New Orleas, lol) Not being one to panic, I told her to go ahead and pack her things. After spending 2 hours packing, she told me she had changed her mind because "if it rains in the woods, all my toys will be ruined." The fact that she had no idea how to get to the "woods" or carry out those 14 bags of toys wasn't a problem in her mind."

My little 4yr old told me as I was coming out of the shower " mommy you smell like baked chicken" because I guess I smelled as good as chicken tastes to a 4yr old?? I asked her what she meant and she said "you know like a bunch of bananas". By this time I was cracking up. I think she was hungry and wanted some lunch.

We had a family get together not too long ago and my nephew saw my crimpers & jewelry pliers on my table & was quite intrigued by them. He played with them for a few minutes & said "what are these for anyways" so I replied "I use them to make jewelry" he says "you make jewelry?" (very excited like) and I told him yes. He said "after dinner can you teach me how to make diamonds?"

"On the way to the park one day, we stopped for goodies at the local bake shop-I bought my 3 year old a chocolate cupcake and some milk to take to the park to snack on. The cupcake was really rich so I wanted her to save her milk to drink while she ate it. Instead she was sucking up her milk like she had never had milk before! Finally, frustrated, I took her milk from her and said "Gwennie, I TOLD you to save some of your milk for your cupcake!" She got upset and yelled back "MOMMY!! MY cupcake is NOT thirsty!"

"My daughter was three when she spotted a man in the resteraunt that was bald on top with hair around the sides. She asks " Why did that man cut his hair like that?"

"When my girls were little we were raising our own meat. We had this steer who was named "Little Wierd One" and we had kept him longer than usual and the kids knew him. We took him to the slaughter house and had him cut and frozen. I was a bit concerned about how the girls would feel when we picked him up in boxes. I loaded the boxes in the back seat, and as I am putting Katherine (3) in her car seat, she pats one of the boxes and says "Well Little Wierd One, how do you like riding in a car?"

"When my son Max was 4, the two of us went out for breakfast together. He wanted some jam for his toast, and I was reading the little jam packet flavors out loud, telling him what the options were....strawberry, apple, boysenberry... "Where's the GIRLSenberry jam?" he asked me."

"I was brushing two year old, Georgia's hair this morning, and the comb pulled a little when it got to the dried yogurt in her hair, and she said, "Ow, Mommy." I said I was sorry and kept combing (gently), and she said, "Ow again, Mommy".
-- Missy

"We have taught our kids to spot slug bugs and announce which color they see.... we have also taught them to spot PT Cruisers and say PT Cruiser Bruiser.... my 2 yr old son says Pretty pretty loser! "

"My 2 yr old son received a new pair of pjs for x-mas from his grandparents. He was very excited to see a picture of a big cat on the shirt. His eyes lit up and he said " Looky mommy a cheeto!" It was a pic of a cheeta :)

"One day, my husband was cooking breakfast. Katelyn, my little four year old, came into the kitchen. She said,"What are you doing, Daddy?" He replied, "Cooking eggs". Right after that she asked, "Can I help you hatch the eggs?"

"My hubby just returned home from a weekend with the girls at his relatives. While over at her cousins house our daughter Roxy, age 2, got into a little disagreement with her cousin Jared age 4. He was almost in tears and his mom overheard Roxy,who was coveting the saught after toy, say to him " I'm warning you, you don't want to make me sad!"

"I watch my nephew who is 5 months old. I have two kids of my own. My daughter is 4 years old. Her 5 month old cousin is Hayden. One day when her daddy walked in the door from work, my daughter looked at her cousin and said " Hayden, it's your cousin Daddy"! "

"When my husband decided to tell our then 3 year old daughter that we were expecting Rebecca, I was in the kitchen cooking. He said "christina i have to tell you something, mommy is making a baby......." Christina replied....."daddy dont be silly she is making PASTA!"

"When I asked my granddaughter Jenny why her name was Jenny she replied, "because that's the name of my face gramma"!"

"I was eating lunch with my little sister in law (7) and she looked down at my boots and said where did you get those? eBay? I just laughed. I guess I talk about eBay WAY too much!"

"A few days after I shipped some bows out to a customer I received this email from her letting me know I had one happy customer. Here is what she wrote.. (Hello again! We have really been enjoying the cherries, daisies and valentine's bows which we received from you. My youngest daughter mentioned her cherry bows in her bedtime prayers every night for about a week after she received them. ) ... I laughed so hard I almost fell off my chair. Well at least i know IM in someone's prayers...sort of"

"When I brought my 2nd baby home from the hospital, my 2 year old saw me nursing her, and was very surprised. She asked me what I was doing, and I said, "Mom makes milk for the baby." She thought about it, and then said, "Mom makes pop?" I said no, and she said, "Mom makes juice?" I told her that no, I only made milk. She looked very sad that I was only a one beverage provider!"

"One Sunday morning, while trying to get my daughter out of bed to go to church & Sunday School, I tried the guilt approach and asked her if she wanted to be a good Christian when she grew up. To that she replied "But Mommy, I don't want to be a good Christian when I grow up, I want to be a cheerleader!"

"While walking down the game aisle at walmart , my daughter who is 4, pointed to the Apprectice game (Donald Trump's picture) and starts singing the theme song from the show.....MONEY,MONEY, MONEY....TOO FUNNY!!"

"I was helping my son Adam, age 9, study for a history quiz last night. We were talking about how the Indians helped the Pilgrims learn how to grow corn and catch fish. He had a hard time comprehending the fact that they had no stores, only land and trees and animals everywhere. To provoke some thought in him, I asked him what he thought we would have to do if we had no store. He thought for a minute, and said with a very straight face, "Starve."

"My five-year old daughter, Morgan and I were driving around doing errands. I looked at her in the rear view mirror and said "I sure love Morgan!". She responded with "Who IS this Morgan of whom you speak?" I laughed so hard I just about drove of the road!"

"When my grandson Dylan was little he thought the spots on a Dalmation dog were black holes. He was quite upset when he first saw a Dalmation!"

"While playing Thomas the Train games on the computer, my 2 year old son suddenly stopped and sat still. We looked at him and he had his pointer finger on the side of his mouth. His grandma asked "What are you doing?" He said "Thinking." "About what?" Grandma asked. His reply, "I'm thinking about Thomas Train."

"My nephew was with his grandpa as they drove past a field of cows, Grandpa said,"someday those cows will go to Mcdonald's", my newphew looked at him like he was crazy and replied, "Grandpa cows don't eat hamburgers!!"

"My daughter asked me what I was making for dinner, I told her meatloaf. Immediately she asked, "Is that the other white meat?"

"My son enjoyed climbing up into the tree in our backyard when he was young. When he was about three, he was up in the tree peering over the fence and spotted an ice cream man and his truck. At the time, the ice cream man drove a white jeep that very closely resembled our post man's jeep. Up until this afternoon, my son had not seen this ice cream man's jeep before. Hearing the spirited tune echo from the ice cream truck, I had anticipated my son's excited screams from the backyard, but when he came running into the house I did not expect what he said. "Mom, mom, it's the SING ALONG MAIL GUY!!!!"

"Upon seeing some sesame seeds from a fast food burger bun on the front seat of my mini-van, my son, who was four at the time, pointed at them and said, "Look mom! Hamburger seeds!!"

"We were watching an Easter program at a friend's church when the pastor gave the closing prayer. After he prayed, he looked out into the audience and said, "I want to thank you all for your presence here tonight." Just then my little boy tugged at my shirt and said, "But Mom, we didn't bring any PRESENTS!!"

"Last night, my step-mom called. She had been reading the story of Ester with my 6 year old brother. She asked him who he thought was the prettiest girl and he said, "Don't be mad mommy, but it's Sissy (me). She is always so kind to me." Awwwwww...."

"After a week of being very sick Zoe exlaimed "Mommy, I feel so much better. I don't every want to catch a fly again." A bug/a fly...too funny!"

"At Christmas My father was discussing the unexpected divorce of his sister (our aunt). My 7 year old niece was taking it all in. My dad looked at her and said "Your never going to get a divorce are you Kasey" To which she replied, "NO, cuz I'm gonna marry a girl!"

"When my son was in kindergarten, he thought America the Beautiful went, "Oh beautiful for spaceship guys!"

"On my daughters fourth birthday she received a handpainted dress from her auntie, she was asked if she liked it, her reply was , "Mom don't worry you can sell that one on Ebay." Good thing her Aunt has a sense of humor...."

"Once at a football game while I was in a conversation with someone else, my daughter kept saying something about a rubber band. She would say, "Momma, where is the rubber band?" I would halfheartedly say, "I don't know, what rubber band?" After several attempts, she finally got exasperated and said "Momma, when is the rubber band going to play?!" She was referring to the Marching Band!!"

"Another time while in the car, my son and daughter saw a helicopter. I have always given examples of words that my kids pronounced wrong with a word that sounds like it and would tell them to watch my mouth as I would say it. My son, upon seeing the helicopter yells, "Mommy, a elicocker!" My daughter says, "No, look at my mouth, a eli_copter, like Vanilla!!"

"My little girl was sitting at the lunch table waiting on her "Mammy" to fix Grilled Cheese sandwiches. My mom told her that she was also making some for her Uncle and my little girl said. "He can't have one because boys can't eat GIRL Cheese sandwiches!"

"I knew I was spending a little too much time on eBay when my daughter was first learning her ABC's and I heard her singing "E BAY C D...""

An avid ebayer told this story, "I was introduced to Ebay a couple of years ago and quickly got hooked on selling my 3 year old daughter's old clothes. Once I saw that money in the paypal account, I went nuts! I sold everything in the house that I thought would bring in the bids. (Well, not everything, but all the junk, old clothes, toys, etc.) My family started to complain about their missing junk. One day my 4 year old daughter came to me crying because we couldn't find our cat. She was extremely upset. When I offered to help look, she said, "Thanks Mommy. I was afraid you sold him."
-- Lisa

"I asked Morgan (age 3) what she wanted to wear she said she wanted to wear her “titty tat toes” which translated means her “kitty cat clothes”. She wanted to wear her outfit from the city sidewalk Gymboree line."

"When Paige knows she has something on order...toy or clothing...she asks me..."Mommy, when is the garbage man bringing my present?" The garbage man is the UPS delivery guy, he he, thought I would share that, it is too funny in person!!! "

"When my son Parker was 2, he was in class at his daycare and his teacher was discussing animal sounds. She asked, "What does a pig say?" and he replied, "Not by the hair of my chinney-chin-chin!"
-- Amy

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