Designer of the Week - Kiddy's Kreations

Name: Stacey Mahlke

Where do you live: LeMars Iowa

How old are you? 29

Do you have any children, if so what ages? My husband and I have 3 wonderful kids. Faustin 12, Rio 7 and Sydney 4.



Current auctions: Kiddy*Kreations

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1. When did you get started sewing and creating? Who taught you?

I grew up in a family of seamstresses. My mother made everything under the sun! From Halloween costumes down to our underwear. LOL My grandmother was a wonderful quilter and crocheter who often requested my help. When you are little, sitting with a group of "old ladies" never sounds like fun and I often regret never being willing to help. I mastered the skill of sewing in highschool but never took it seriously. When Sydney was born is when I put those skills to work. Then it was a lot of trial and error before I realized I had a talent!

2. When did you start selling your designs on eBay? Do you sell anywhere else besides eBay, if so where? (example, web site, local boutique) What did you do before eBay?

I started selling my items on Ebay in April of 2002. Wow, 2.5 years really flies by! I also have a few items listed on Before Ebay I was a stay at home mom with a hobby.

2a. Do you remember the first outfit you sold on eBay. Do you have a picture? What was it and what did it sell for?

I started out selling the classic vintage pillowcase dress with bloomers. I think it sold somewhere around $24.00. I'm pretty sure I didn't keep the picture because I'm delete happy. Hate clutter. ;)

3. How did you decide upon your name?

Sydney is infatuated with kitties so I wanted my logo to include a kitty. I found the cutest little rubber stamp of a kitty and knew I had to use it. I had been tossing ideas out to my mom and sister and shared my idea about Kitty Kreations. My mom had a better idea playing on the word kitty, so it was a mixture of ideas and we came up with Sydney's Kiddy Kreations.

4. Do you belong to any boutique group and if so which one? How did you get started in that group? What do you like most about your particular group?

I am a member of the wonderful group The Materialgirls. They emailed me and asked me if I would be interested and obviously I was excited about the idea and joined! They are the sweetest girls ever and have made me feel right at home. They are definitely a chatty bunch!

5. What is your favorite thing to create? (example: vintage style dresses, totes, overalls, etc) Why?

My style is the more classic girly style clothing but on occasion I will do something trendy. I prefer to go with whatever inspires me. Whether it's a fabric, a vintage linen, vintage buttons, or a certain ribbon that I find. I find the inspiration first and sometimes it takes days, weeks, or even months to come up with that perfect design because it has to be just right.

6. What are your favorite types of fabrics or fabric designers?

My favorite thing to work with is vintage linens. The hunt for the perfect item is probably more fun than actually creating the item. I love a good scavenger hunt!

7. Where and when do you do most of your sewing? Are you neat about it or do you have fabric covering the floor!

I am lucky to have a sewing room. It used to be the kid's toy room but I've since claimed it because I was sick of hogging the dining room table. Other's can relate right? ;) I'm a neat freak and everything has to be in it's place or I get distracted. There are times however when everything is scattered but before I can work on a project it must be clean.

8. What other things do you enjoy besides sewing?

I enjoy spending quality time with my family. We go camping, fishing, or simply enjoy sitting by the fire pit in the backyard.

9. Anything else you would like to add?

I want to thank each and everyone of my customers and all of the other wonderful people I have met because of Ebay. I've truly made some life long friendships along the way and look forward to making many more!

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