Paying with Paypal

Paypal is the number payment method on eBay. You can pay for your auction wins using a credit card, debit card or instant transfer from your checking account using Paypal. A lot of sellers only accept Paypal so it is important to decide if you want to sign up. There are no fees for you to purchase items but there are fees if you decide you want to start selling on eBay.

There are three types of accounts to choose from:

1. Personal Account: This is a great account if you primarily buy items on eBay. With this account you can not accept debit or credit card payments (you can still pay this way). If you choose this account and later decide you want to start selling items on eBay you can always upgrade to a different account.

2. Premier Account: You can accept debit and credit card payments with this account but you will incur fees. The fees are listed on the Paypal site. This account is for those that buy and sell on eBay.

3. Business Account: If you start a bona-fide business you will want this account. It has all the features of a Premier account and more.

Once you decide on an account, it is time to register.


1. Click here to go to paypal and find Sign Up. Select the Country you live in. Fill in all the information. Read and accept the User Agreement and click continue.

2. Check your email. Paypal will send you a confirmation link. Click it to activate your account.

3. You will probably want to enter in a bank account so you can transfer funds to Paypal. Also make sure to enter in a credit card number. It will take a few days to confirm your bank account.

Now you are done! Congrats and welcome to the wonderful world of online payments. Before you get started searching for the handmade outfits you see here, be sure to read Buying Guidelines.

To make a payment:

There are 4 types of payment methods in Paypal. Instant Transfer, Credit Card/Debit Card, E-Check and Funded.

Once you win an item you will receive an email from the seller with the payment information. Click on the link in their email or go directly to Paypal and select Send Money. You will be able to fill out all the auction information.


There are a few important security tips I would like to share with you. There are unscrupulous people on eBay that like to prey on newbies. They will send you an email that will look just like an email from Paypal and say that your account has been suspended, your credit card has expired, etc. These are called Spoof emails. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK IN THOSE EMAILS! If you do, then they can get your login information and place bids on your behalf or sell fraudulent items for you. You will be stuck with the negative feedback and the bill.

Any emails from Paypal will address you by your name or your user id. Fraud emails will begin Dear paypal user or something vague. If you every have any questions about whether an email is from Paypal or is just a spoof forward the email to and they will look at it and determine if it is from them or not and email you back to let you know.

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