Designer of the Week - Pumkin Little

Name: Erica

Where do you live: We've just moved from the Los Angeles area, to a small town in Northern California

How old are you? 32

Do you have any children, if so what ages? ? Josiah, age 11. Peter, age 9, Noah age 5, and Abby, just turned four.

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1. When did you get started sewing and creating? Who taught you?

I think I've been "creating" for as long as I can remember. I started sewing in 1992, just after we got married. I started sewing on a hand-me-down 1950's Singer sewing machine. My grandmother and my aunt were doing a lot of quilting. I bought a book called "Little Quilts" and I was hooked. I made quilts for everyone I knew, and then some! Abby was born in 2000 and I was inspired to sew for her. I started with bibs, hats and blankets to sell at a local boutique, and then tried eBay in the Spring of 2002. What an amazing thing! Not only could I do something that I loved, but I could make a little money, and meet great people.

2. When did you start selling your designs on eBay? Do you sell anywhere else besides eBay, if so where? (example, web site, local boutique) What did you do before eBay?

Ooops. I just answered that didn't I?? April of 2002 I started listing.

2a. Do you remember the first outfit you sold on eBay. Do you have a picture? What was it and what did it sell for?

Of course I remember! I make a toile/chenille dress set, with matching bloomers, headband and purse. I didn't have a serger yet, so all the seams were French seams. It closed at 43.00 and I was THRILLED!! I do have a picture here somewhere! ;)

3. How did you decide upon your name?

I was always called Pumkin by my Abby became pumkinlittle. The spelling seemed a little odd at first, but nothing else looked quite right.

4. Do you belong to any boutique group and if so which one? How did you get started in that group? What do you like most about your particular group?

I do belong to a group, The clovergirls. The only reason we got started was friendship. A place to feel completely safe. We don't always agree on everything..hardly, but I know that these are my girls. The group kind of just "happened"..starting with a simple clover to tie us together, then with some fun launches, and now we are Clovergirls.. What I like best about this group, is that we are linked by bonds of friendship. I know they are friends I will have for a lifetime.

5. What is your favorite thing to create? (example: vintage style dresses, totes, overalls, etc) Why?

? I love classic styles. Retro fabrics always grab my attention, as well as florals in beautiful colors. I like some things "funky"..but for the most part, I love to create designs that children can wear and be comfortable in.

6. What are your favorite types of fabrics or fabric designers?

I love the 1930's reproduction prints, as well as Michael Miller. Robyn Pandolph will always be one of my favorites for florals, and Amy Butler, when I need to be a little more funky.

7. Where and when do you do most of your sewing? Are you neat about it or do you have fabric covering the floor!

My sewing is done anytime I can catch a little bit of time. If I'm inspired, I can go for hours without food or drink..and everyone else must do the same! Hee hee.. not quite! I do love sewing at night when there are no distractions. I try to be neat, I really do! I finally have my own sewing "studio" (if you can call it that) Just my little corner of the world. I'm slowly getting it more organized and getting to know the space.

8. What other things do you enjoy besides sewing?

We've recently moved to an amazingly beautiful area. When I'm not sewing, I love to be outside. We're very close to open forest, so going on a hike is easily done. We have a creek in the backyard, and when things get too stressful in here, simply sitting outside usually calms my nerves. I also love to read, love old movies and of! ;)

Anything else you would like to add?

Just thank you.. I have so many great customers, and I appreciate them!

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