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Kim, owner of, has been selling her desings on eBay under the id: Kimberbell Kids . Her main focus has been applique work on pillows, quilts and clothing.

JM: What prompted you to start this site?

KIM: I have always loved learning new things. I'd see something cute, and think "I wish I could do that!" So I'd take out my sewing machine and try to "figure it out". More often than not, it didn't turn out like I had envisioned!

But one of the things that I have always loved to do was applique. When I started selling some personal name pillows and appliqued clothing on ebay, I received a lot of emails asking "how do you do that?" I realized that there were a lot of people that would love to learn how to applique. So that was the first eBook I created, and then it snowballed from there. Once that eBook was out, I had people emailing asking if I could put together something on how to do things like "making a twirl skirt". Well, I don't consider myself a seamstress by any means, but I certainly knew of other designers that I greatly admired, who did create beautiful twirl skirts. One such person was Jennifer of Pouty Princess Designs. I contacted her about the possibility of taking her expertise and putting it into eBook format. And I guess as they say, "the rest is history."

I knew there would be a lot of people in my same spot, who love to learn new things, and create fun items for their children. But with an eBay auction, only one person ends up winning that auction. So why not share with people how they, too, could do these things at home. I wanted a "one stop shopping" kind of place where people could come and find the best of pattern and "how-to" eBooks that are offered. I have 3 small children at home, so the idea of being able to go to a website and buy a pattern, with immediate download time -- no shipping -- and no searching the fabric store with kids in tow, really appealed to me! I figured it would to other moms, too!I wanted moms to know that they could make these boutique style items, at a fraction of the cost. It's so rewarding to step back and say, "hey! I made that!" And your children will love it, too. So the name of the site just

JM: What are the kinds of things you can find on the site?

KIM:We are currently selling eBooks (which is a PDF file) of patterns and "how-to's" from designers. There are applique patterns, clothing patterns, jewelry designs, bag designs, home decor, hair bows, etc.

The process is really simple and easy to complete. People go through an order process and at the completion of that process we provide them links to download and save the eBooks they've purchased. They receive these links automatically within minutes of purchase. We've done a lot of complicated work on the backend in order to present a simple process to our buyers. We recently polled everyone that has purchased and the vast majority said they were pleased (even surprised) at how easy the process was.

JM: How do you ensure a quality ebook?

KIM:Providing a quality product to our customers is the highest of priorities for us. There is a lot that goes into ensuring it happens. I am highly involved in the process. What a lot of people don't know is that I own and operate a second business that has been selling eBooks online for elementary school teachers. Through that, I learned how to put together a good eBook. Content is the most important. If I think the instructions are confusing or the pictures are not clear, the author and I will work together until we're satisfied.

I have been so impressed by the willingness of all of the authors to answer questions people have when making their creations. I don't think you'll find any other place where you not only have a detailed, step-by step instruction book, with full color photo illustrations, but a place where the authors themselves are happy to answer questions. I thank the authors for providing this kind of willing and unexpected service to our customers.

JM: What are you plans for the site?

KIM:We're going to continue adding authors and eBooks. We want to expand into other topics that interest the creative do-it-yourselfer. We're really customer focused, so we take the feedback we receive very seriously. We've polled customers to see what they'd like to have on the site. We're responding to this. For instance, a lot of people said they'd like instructions on shirring and Kristen of M*Squared wrote one. Many want additonal clothing creation type eBooks. We are excited about the things that are to come. There will be so much more!

I've got to say thanks to all of our earlier customers. They've been great in providing feedback and helping us flush out ideas for improvement. We're so much farther ahead already as a result from where we started.

JM:Are you accepting ebook writers and if so, what kinds of ebooks are you looking for?

KIM:Yes, we are accepting writers and we have so many great eBooks "in-process" right now. As I mentioned before, the quality of the products we sell is key.

We're mostly looking at topics such as sewing, jewelry, hairbows, home décor, appliqué patterns, etc. But we'll consider anything our customers express interest in. People who are interested in creating an eBook for the site can find more information about this on the website, and can contact me.

There is also a lot of interest in digital scrapbooking, digital websets, boutique style templates, etc. so we're looking for outstanding graphic designers for that, too.

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Vita-Munchskinz | Saturday, August 30, 2008 11:13 PM | flag
I absolutely LOVE, and it's because of THIS site that I found it in the first place! I couldn't wait to buy my first book! Once I did, I was hooked! Thanks to Kim and her site my children get oohs, aahs, and wows everytime they step out in a youcanmakethis creation!

Pampered Princesses Boutique | Monday, August 13, 2007 9:37 AM | flag
I am a regular buyer from the site! I LOVE all the instructions and how easy they are to understand! LOVE THEM ALL!

Lana C. | Tuesday, July 31, 2007 9:58 AM | flag
This website is great! I bought 3 ebooks, and whipped up the first set in no time at all... Very good instructions, and the pictures make the instructions super clear!

Debbie | Friday, January 5, 2007 4:01 PM | flag
I just purchased my first e-book. I was skeptical at first and almost passed. I'm glad I didn't. I found instructions on making an auction page look professional, something I had always wanted to learn. The e-book was so informative and contained all the info I needed. I will be back looking for other books of interest. What a great site!!!

Andrea-A Whimsical Touch | Thursday, September 28, 2006 8:41 PM | flag
Kim is such an incredible person who I so super sweet! She is super talented and inspires anyone she comes in contact with. Her e-books are just wonderful and so well put together! I am so excited for you!

| Wednesday, August 9, 2006 9:04 AM | flag
Please tell me what shirring is? I love your site and idea. Thank you! Best wishes, Jean DeCastro

Vanessa - little*angels*boutique | Saturday, August 5, 2006 5:45 AM | flag
Kim is so talented and is awesome to work with too! Congratulations on your new website!! :)

| Friday, August 4, 2006 10:42 AM | flag
What a great idea! I am so excited to find your site. Thanks so much!! I just ordered. -Debbie Rushing

Lisa - Stinkybunz Baby Boutique | Friday, August 4, 2006 5:08 AM | flag
Kim is one of the most talented and amazing women I know. She has a knack for taking her ideas and turning them into something spectacular! The new website is amazing and I can't wait to see what's coming next.

Lisa - CM Boutique, Germany | Friday, August 4, 2006 2:00 AM | flag
I love all the ebooks and have purchased quite a few myself. The service at is excellent and the ebooks are very well written. Thank you for organizing such a great site!

Patricia - One Boy One Girl | Thursday, August 3, 2006 10:11 PM | flag
I have purchased Applique Shirts from Kim and her work was so Great that I had to have her eBooks. I love her new site... what a great idea!

Lori ~ beach3boys | Thursday, August 3, 2006 1:33 PM | flag
Kims work is AWESOME! She is super sweet and so friendly! Her boys customs are TDF!

Nicki | Thursday, August 3, 2006 6:37 AM | flag
Kim is very friendly and professional. She's a dream to work with. Best of luck with your awesome site Kim. I'm telling all my friends. :-)

Jenni/*baby*fluffs*stuff* | Thursday, August 3, 2006 5:44 AM | flag
Kim is soo talented, and does great quality work. I'm proud to know her and think You can make this is a great idea!!! She's soo creative and I'm a proud owner of her cowboy overalls! We LOVE it! She's the best ever!

Stacey / Rowan & Lucky | Wednesday, August 2, 2006 11:10 PM | flag
Kim is THE best. There's no one I'd rather work with. :)

Amy Smith | Wednesday, August 2, 2006 9:05 PM | flag
Kim has a talent for sharing her work -- and a friendliness that extends beyond. Working with her is a dream.

| Wednesday, August 2, 2006 8:16 PM | flag
I have some of the ebooks and they are so easy to use! I will be buying again! Lee Anne

| Wednesday, August 2, 2006 6:07 PM | flag
Kim is FABULOUS and her work is too! The quality is one of the best! She is such a super sweet person too!

Brandi Fielding | Wednesday, August 2, 2006 6:00 PM | flag
Such a wonderful designer! Her work is very beautiful and is worth every penny and more!

Steph Parish | Wednesday, August 2, 2006 5:21 PM | flag
Kim is awesome and her work is brilliant!!!!

Jennifer-Pouty Princess Designs | Wednesday, August 2, 2006 4:28 PM | flag
Awesome interview Kim!!! I just love the site, and it's so much fun to be a small part of it. :)

Lorie - Polkadot Bunny Designs | Wednesday, August 2, 2006 12:16 PM | flag
Kim--your idea for YCMT is just outstanding, and your e-books are incredibly well done and easy to follow. I love the quick delivery time and ease of use of the patterns. Congratulations on your new venture!

Gigi - so*very*gigi | Wednesday, August 2, 2006 11:48 AM | flag
Kim ROCKS!!!! Professional, kind, and oh-so-talented!! Thanks for the great interview... it's always fun to know more about you :)

Angie - Simply*Sophia | Wednesday, August 2, 2006 10:57 AM | flag
Kim is awesome! I have several of her e-books and every one of them is easy to follow! And, the finished product is always awesome!!

Megan/creative*outlet | Wednesday, August 2, 2006 9:26 AM | flag
Awesome interview! Love working with KIM and her brillant concept for this site!

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