Designer of the Week - Zenobia

Name: Zenobia

Where do you live: Wherever the Marines tell us to live. Currently Ramona, CA

How old are you? 27

Do you have any children, if so what ages? ? My daughter Brianna is 5, and son Cody is 16 m

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1. When did you get started sewing and creating? Who taught you?

My grandmother taught me the basics long ago. Only a year ago was I given my first sewing machine, and began making things for my daughter.

2. When did you start selling your designs on eBay? Do you sell anywhere else besides eBay, if so where? (example, web site, local boutique) What did you do before eBay?

I started selling girls clothing in January 04, and recently switched to doing boys clothing almost exclusivly. I LOVE a challenge, and designing a set for a boy that does not have sports, cartoons, or a ton of blue is a huge challenge, and one I welcome every day.

2a. Do you remember the first outfit you sold on eBay. Do you have a picture? What was it and what did it sell for?

Um, it was a interesting little cowgirl print dress. Sold for less than $10 and I think had a whooping 20 lookers! Thankfully I no longer have that picture.

3. How did you decide upon your name?

I guess the credit for my name should go to my mother for naming me. And for the record, YES, it is prounounced as it's spelled, nothing tricky too it. ZE-NO-BIA

4. Do you belong to any boutique group and if so which one? How did you get started in that group? What do you like most about your particular group?

I am an Independent designer. Currently I am working with a small group of wonderful designers known as Coterie. We do themes together, and they have been wonderful support for bouncing off ideas, and dealing with my occasional vents! The best part about these gals is there are no limits, I do my thing they do theirs, and occasionally we meet in the middle.

5. What is your favorite thing to create? (example: vintage style dresses, totes, overalls, etc) Why?

I have yet to create anything I didn't love! If it's bright and colorful, I'm loving it!

6. What are your favorite types of fabrics or fabric designers?

I believe little boys belong in anything EXCEPT blue! That being said, I love retro looking fabrics, Michael Miller is one of my favorites, followed by anything Moda.

7. Where and when do you do most of your sewing? Are you neat about it or do you have fabric covering the floor!

We live in a very small military home, over the last year I have converted our dining room into my sewing room. I try to be neat about sewing, but some days I just go nuts. Those days, even Cody is covered with serger tails, loose threads, and lots of pretty scraps.

8. What other things do you enjoy besides sewing?

I do love to shop for fabric, and I am constantly sketching new design ideas, or discussing them. I go to sleep thinking about sewing, and wake up thinking about it.

As a family we do enjoy fishing and camping, but my husbands job in the US Marines keeps him away from home alot lately, so family outtings are few and far.

Anything else you would like to add?

I'd like to thank the two people who have been VERY supportive of me. My mother Mary, and Stepdad Tom, have been the best. They've invested a great deal into helping be successful, and I really want them to know how much I appreciate everything they have done.

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